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In this brief write-up, we are going to take a look at two major careers that form an important component of the diverse field of health and fitness namely the job description of a physical therapist and that of a pharmacy technician.

A physical therapist’s day revolves around medical assignments that aim at improving body movement and functional ability of individuals. On the other hand, a pharmacy technician’s job is mainly about providing various pharmacy related services under the supervision of a licensed health professional. Let us now narrow down to each job to understand the finer details of each one of them.

Job Description #1

Physical Therapist Job Description

The career of a physical therapist involves working towards restoring balance, coordination, motor skills and overall physical fitness in individuals suffering from various physical complications. A typical day in the life of a therapist involves closely examining different types of injuries on patients with the help of various therapeutic devices you can see more information on this and PTA on other sites.


According to Studies by PTA sites the demand for physical therapists is growing much faster as compared to other related occupations. If you want to make it big in this career, you should be prepared to deal with different types of challenges. Here are some roles that a physical therapist may find on his diary.

*Diagnosing the causes and different types of injuries.

*Recommending proper workouts for patients.

*Monitoring and maintaining different patients’ records.

*Treating different injuries and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

*A physical therapist may also be charged with the role of preventing the progression of impairments and onset of related symptoms…..among many other diverse roles.

Education and Training

The basic requirement of working as a physical therapist is a master’s degree specializing in physical therapy. It goes without saying that you must possess a bachelors’ degree having met all the requirements of admission to a world recognized school of medicine. A license from The Health Professional Council (HPC) is mandatory for those applying to work within the UK, for salary information visit

Possible Employers

Physical therapists commonly work in nursing homes and in major hospitals. Some PTA schools, fitness companies and renowned sportspersons are also known to hire the services of physical therapists from time to time.

Job Description #2

Pharmacy Technician Job Description

Simply put, the career of a pharmacy technician comprises of activities such as helping professional pharmacists count medication and fill prescriptions. In particular, a pharmacy technician may be entrusted with the following roles.

*Keying in patients details into the computer.

*Maintaining accurate and updated medical records for different patients.

*Advising patients on some basic pharmacy related issues.

*Presenting patients with the prescribed medicine.

*Packaging medication as requested by the Pharmacist.
*Handling telephone calls…among many other roles.

Education and Training

To practice as a pharmacy technician, you should posses a pharmacy technicians degree (or a diploma certificate) which is available at associate’s level, If you’re considering working as a technician, you should make efforts to acquire at least 1 year of experience in a busy chemist to acquire some important basic skills.

To practice, you must be registered with the relevant pharmaceutical council within your region e.g GPhC (Great Britain), PSNI (Northern Ireland).

Hopeful, as we are, you have found this job description article resourceful in your quest to find a good job in the UK. All the best in your endeavours!

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Information On Physical Therapist Salary

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The responsibilities that are undertaken by a physical therapist involves evaluating and assessing the needs of patients as well as formulating the treatment plans they need and this calls for proper salary evaluation.

There is need to understand the physical therapist salary since the treatment plans for patients depends upon their guidance as well as their cooperation with physicians, adjustors and the case managers, thus they need to be comfortable with the salary they get in order to make the right choice, and avoid work stress and frustrations that may undermine their work.

Certified Physical Therapist

Since the physical therapist requires a masters degree and a person who is certified as a physical therapist, its advisable to understand the payments that they are paid in various parts of the world as well as the standard concepts, procedures and the practices that this particular field entails.

In United States, the salary of physical therapists is only an average for all the jobs that they involve in. There are many factors that affect the salary of a physical therapist; it can be on the rise or to be down among the people in this field. The median salary for a physical therapist in the US is expected to be $77,755 annually.

This comes from the basic pricing report that was prepared by use of the Certified Compensation Professionals analysis where it involved collection of data from various HR departments at the employers for various sizes, geographies as well as industries.

Averaged The Salary

Another report that was held in 2011, according to the BLS reports averaged the salary of a physical therapist annual wage to be $78,270. From this report, the best paid 10% of the workers in this category made around $110, 670 while those who got the least payment made around $54,710.

The best wages that got the highest salaries came from those who work in hospitals and offices. In terms of the geographical location, many of those who got the best salaries came from the areas that are in clustered areas like in Texas metropolitan areas such as Midland, EI Paso and McAllen.

Thus, before concluding the salary that a physical therapist should get, it is important to know the years of experience, educational level, the geographical location where he or she is located as well as the variety of tasks that are involved in this profession. The degree of latitude and creativity is part of the consideration and the load of work that is involved.

A Guide to Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

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Physical Therapy Assistant ProgramsBefore you can begin work as a physical therapy assistant (PTA) you will need to graduate from an accredited physical therapy assistant school.

You may also need to meet other requirements set by your state. Below you will find an overview of physical therapy assistant programs including the costs, requirements and online options for completing your degree.

Cost of Attending a Physical Therapy Assistant School

The cost of attending a physical therapy assistant school will depend on a number of factors including the location of the school, whether you are an in or out of state student, the size of the school and whether it is private or public.

In 2007 a study was conducted by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) which put the average cost of tuition and other fees at $7,186. The range in costs was from as low as $1,360 through to as much as $27,712.

Requirements for Becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant

The requirements that need to be met in order to become a physical therapy assistant differ depending on the state. The primary requirement is completing your physical therapy assistant degree. In addition you usually be required to complete a set number of clinical hours before you can become registered.

Other requirements may include passing a state examination, completing first aid and CPA training. When choosing which school you is going to attend keep these requirements in mind. Some schools will take you through all of the steps involved in order to become a physical therapy assistant in your state, where as others may only include the degree.

Online Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

These days many people are choosing to complete their degrees online. At the moment there are no purely online physical therapy assistant schools accredited. This is because of the necessity of completing lab and field work in order to become registered.

However in recent years hybrid schools have become popular. These allow you to complete certain parts of your degree such as anatomy online, and facilitating your clinical work to be performed in person.

Attending a CAPTE School

The regulatory body that licences physical therapy assistants is the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). In order to take the CAPTE exam you must have graduated from a CAPTE accredited school. You can find a complete list of these schools on the CAPTE website. These are organized by state, making it easy to find a school located nearest to you.

Why Physical Therapy Assistant Salary’s Are Expected To Rise

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If you are considering joining the physical therapy profession you are making a wise decision. The job outlook for physical therapy assistants is one of the best in decades.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) employment for assistants is expected to grow by 46% between 2010 and 2020. In addition the current average PTA salary is $49,690 according to the BLS.

Online job site Indeed places the number even higher at $72,000 per year, which reflects the average salary posted on their site. Which ever figure you take, it is comfortably above the national average salary.

Employment Outlook

The excellent employment outlook and average salary for physical therapy assistants is in part due to the diverse range of demand for their skills. Assistants are employed by nursing facilities, sports organizations, private practices, school boards and private practices. Many assistants like the fact that if they tire of a particular field there are other areas that can easily move into.

The demand for physical therapy assistants is also driven by demographic changes. The population is as a whole aging, which creates demand for people employed in the medical profession. In particular many baby boomers are retiring and intend to enjoy an active lifestyle in their golden years.

Baby boomers are also entering the time of their life where they are prime candidates for strokes and heart attacks. This can lead to increased work for physical and cardiac rehabilitation.

Improvement In Medical Technology

Another factor leading to the growth in therapy assistants jobs is the improvement in medical technology. Due to these improvements more accident victims and newborns are surviving. While this is positive news, these groups are also likely to need rehabilitative help going forward. Newborns that experience problems during child birth are particularly prone to birth defects and may require care.

Finally physical therapists are increasingly required to reduce the costs of rehabilitative care. This has actually helped to accelerate the demand for assistants. Work that may have once been performed by a physical therapist is now done by a physical therapy assistant. Recently third party payers have changed restrictions on access to therapy which has also lead to increased demand.

Overall the job outlook for physical therapy assistants is expected to be very good. While there are an increasing number of people pursuing this profession, demand is expected to be well in excess of this. As demand rises the average physical therapy assistant salary should also increase.

Physical Therapy Assistant Schools

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More than 4,500 students graduated out of a Physical Therapy school in 2010.

Physical Therapy assistant schools are located throughout the United States and are meant to help people gain the skills for becoming a physical therapy assistant.

The right knowledge and degree is vital to gain in order to land a job as a physical therapy assistant.

What is taught in Physical Therapy assistant schools?

You will first go through immense  training on guiding a physical therapist and how to assist, You will need to know about how you must deal with different therapists and how to conduct your part of the job.

Since you are not the main physical therapist, you won’t be able to work specifically on your clients, so you will learn about what you should do as just the assistant on the side helping.Â

Choosing a physical therapy assistant school

It is best to look for the right PTA schools that can give you a wide range of courses to choose from. It isn’t exactly recommended to attend a school that only has a couple of courses that are available so you have multiple choices.

The professors you choose should also be professional and have the right degrees for helping you along the way. It is best to look for their list of prices to avoid spending too much on tuition. Looking for scholarships can be helpful to save money when trying to attend a good school.

Most schools are not that professional and may never be able to offer good training for becoming a physical therapist assistant, so a good school with a reputation should be considered.

The best Physical Therapy assistant schools

- Miami Dade College (Miami, FL)

In Miami, the majority of people who graduated in Florida as Physical Therapists earned their diploma at the Miami Dade College. There has been huge recommendations for people to get into this school if being an assistant was their goal.

- Houston Community College (Houston, TX)

Houston has a wonderful program for helping you to develop your skills on becoming a physical therapists’ assistant. Despite it only being a community college, their programs have truly helped students grow as physical therapy assistants. They also have affordable programs for all students to graduate.Â

- Northern Virginia Community College (Annandale, VA)

In Annandale, this community college has received wonderful reviews from students and has developed knowledgeable programs for physical therapists.

They have a great program for potential students to grow and develop their craft as assistants. Developing as a physical therapy assistant is not all that easy to achieve.Â

Having a career as a physical therapy assistant can be quite a wonderful experience and a very rewarding lifestyle with great pay.

The average assistant can earn more than $45,000 on an average basis, and it can grow up to six figures depending on your experience, knowledge, and where you live.

Physical therapy assistants can take the right classes for becoming the main physical therapist, so there are many opportunities to grow as assistants and take on better employment opportunities.